Your own catalogue in 30 minutes

Step-by-step Wizard quickly does the bulk of the work for you, generating front and back covers, Buyer Information page, About Us page, pages for animal Lots and a Notes page, with your location Mud Map on the back cover.

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Catalogue pages

Import data directly

Import animal data and photos from Optimate AlpaFarm or AlpacaSeller!

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import from Optimate AlpaFarm and AlpacaSeller

Customisable option

We can customise your catalogue with individualised pages.

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Customised catalogue pages

Create your own Do-It-Yourself alpaca sale or auction catalogue in under 30 minutes!

And at a tiny fraction of the cost of a traditionally laid out and offset-printed catalogue.
Save even more time by importing straight from Optimate AlpaFarm or AlpacaSeller!.


Are you wanting to produce your own alpaca sale or auction catalogue but baulking at the cost (several thousand dollars to have a catalogue laid out, printed, bound and posted to every breeder in your country)?

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Save time and typing and keep your records synchronised by importing animal data from Optimate AlpaFarm or your AlpacaSeller account!

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This is an extra service we offer, whereby we take your generated catalogue and splice in customised pages or add extra text or pictures as required. You save time and money by preparing the bulk of the catalogue yourself, but for a little extra can have a more personal touch added.

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Download the latest, no obligation, trialware here.

The Getting Started Guide is here.

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